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Envision a single digital platform where your professional, social, personal, and investment preferences converge seamlessly with a vast array of offerings: products, services, courses, experiences, events, and the inspiring individuals behind them – entrepreneurs, professionals, economists, influencers, investors, and conscientious consumers.

Welcome to the Wellness Guide on – where this possibility becomes your reality!

This guide serves as your portal to explore a diverse range of products, services, courses, experiences, webinars, and events curated by visionary and compassionate individuals spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Imagine not only enriching your own life but also contributing to a better world through ethical transactions and meaningful engagements.

Join us on this remarkable journey by simply:

Step 1: Dive into the Wellness Guide on

Embrace the thriving community of ethical businesses and services by registering with the Around Freedom eE Software solution, nestled within the COLLABOCRATIC trade hub on Discover the multitude of opportunities presented by the Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC Economy through the Freedom eE Wellness Guide.

Join Francesca Giobbi and the Freedom eE Trailblazers, the changemakers in the entrepreneurial world! After interviewing 8,600 entrepreneurs across 64 countries, Francesca saw the challenges in today’s globalized, digitized market. She’s taking action to address the six pillars of wellness – commercial, financial, physical, social, emotional, and mental health.

Introducing the Wellness Guide by – a digital sanctuary where quality of life meets commerce. Explore Ethical E-market Hub, Trade Solutions, Nutritious Cuisine, Revitalize Retreats, Conscious Hotels and Spas, Ethical Sports Unifications, Ethical Farmers, Integrity-centric Information Services, Ethical Chambers of Commerce, Holistic Medical Offices, Recharging Tourist Services, Truth-seeking, and more.

Imagine entrepreneurs, influencers, and professionals prioritizing your well-being while offering top-notch products and services. Francesca’s vision spans across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa, shaping a world where well-being is the currency of trade.

Partnering with event organizers, magazines, bloggers, YouTube channels, health professionals, holistic practitioners, researchers, educators, journalists, advertisers, marketers, sellers, industrialists, producers, videographers, digital marketers, accountants, lawyers, economists, financiers, investors, brokers, and consumers, Francesca is building a true Wellness world.

These entrepreneurs and consumers aim to align their daily actions with businesses that have professional, social, personal, and investment purposes. Our Back Office utilizes COLLABOCRATIC connections for Professional, Social, and Investment Goals, along with COLLABOCRATIC Promotion through authentic digital content.

Powered by solutions like the Marketing Agenda, managed by advertisers, opinion leaders, and marketing agencies through the, the Wellness Guide organizes digital content for mutual benefit.

Sign up now and contact us at We’re looking for individuals committed to genuine health to multiply good opportunities. Join us on this wellness journey!

Step 2: Join Our Network and Maximize Your Opportunities

Access the Productivity Profile in the Back Office of, located in the COLLABOCRATIC trade hub menu, to integrate into this commercial revolution. Sign in and complete the COLLABOCRATIC Profile Questionnaire thoughtfully. We recommend responding within 40 to 60 days, with a maximum of 12 responses per day for reflection.

This will help redefine your conscious mindset about your daily consumption and unlock commercial connections in your local and global circles through conscientious daily consumption at professional, social, personal, and investment levels. Remember, we are shaped by what we think, focus on, eat, and consume.

If you seek quality of life, health, and responsible commerce, is the platform to build the world of opportunities you’ve always dreamed of. 

Be Free, Be Freedom eE!