Collabocratic Marketing Solutions

Francesca Giobbi with COLLABOCRATIC World IMPACTEURS leads a revolution in COLLABOCRATIC PHYGITAL Marketing Campaigns through PHYGITAL Global Fusion Events around the globe.


Co stands for COLLABOCRATIC Marketing.

Let us drive forward the Freedom eE Economy of commercial, financial and social incentives through COLLABOCRATIC Marketing partnerships with the Freedom eE Trailblazers for Change, uniting WORLD IMPACTEURS, Impact Investors, International Networkers and Innovative Marketing Agencies worldwide.

We unite authentic endorsements in the PHYGITAL markets to Co-Create New Jobs and New Ways of Sustenance in the challenging Era of Artificial Intelligence. After all, while Robots may not consume, Humans certainly do. And while Robots may not genuinely endorse, Humans most certainly do.

By bringing together Suppliers, Clients, Consumers, Vendors, Opinion Leaders, Influencers, Marketers, Investors and Social IMPACTEURS of Kindness in PHYGITAL content, simultaneously endorsing each other’s products, services, courses, co-events, mentorships, and/or experiences, we unlock the true potential of the COLLABOCRATIC economy. It is  about PHYGICALLY uniting communities, scaling in the PHYGITAL world with engaging, authentic and enlightening narratives.

Explore our International Ethical Connections at COLLABOCRATIC PHYGITAL Global Fusion Networking, Marketing, Sales and Financial Campaigns and Events worldwide and join us in making a significant difference together.

Co-Marketing Services

Co-Marketing Mastery: Guided Mentorship Program

Co- Content Creation in the PHYGITAL Realm

Co-Marketing Campaigns through PHYGITAL Global Fusion Events

To intricately weave these captivating narratives and seamlessly integrate them into the platform, enhancing revenue streams by up to 51 times, our Founder Francesca Giobbi has partnered with Tailor Made Co-Marketing Professionals and Agencies, High-Level Event Organisers and Highly Qualified Business Networkers from various parts of the world.
Together, they bring the finest tailor-made co-marketing, co-sales and co-financing solutions necessary to multiply international ethical opportunities to the users of Freedom eE.
Collectively, we have curated a range of PHYGITAL COLLABOCRATIC FUSION GLOBAL Marketing and Sales Campaigns, Events and others solutions that resonate with and amplify professional, social and investment aspirations.
They include:
  • Personalised mentoring sessions for aspiring COLLABOCRATIC entrepreneurs.
  • Tailored guidance for establishing COLLABOCRATIC partnerships with international ethical digital marketing agencies.
  • Crafting dynamic digital content for social media platforms, infused with the COLLABOCRATIC social, financial and commercial ethos.
  • Building robust digital storefronts imbued with the COLLABOCRATIC Commercial, Financial and Social Philosophy.
  • Orchestrating immersive PHYGITAL Global Fusion Networking, Marketing, Sales and Financial Campaigns and Events , inspired by the COLLABOCRATIC Commercial, Financial and Social Philosophy.
  • Producing captivating mini-documentaries, infused with the COLLABOCRATIC Commercial Philosophy.

For deeper insights and to embark on this transformative journey towards COLLABOCRATIC Marketing and Business success, please schedule a Zoom Meeting with us.

Join us in redefining the art of prosperous living through COLLABOCRATIC healthy commerce.