Heracity.org, Our Philanthropic Ally.

“Since embracing FreedomeE as my life mission, I wake up each day with the anticipation of encountering extraordinary individuals along my journey. In 2019, during my time in Lisbon, I had the pleasure of meeting someone who exceeded my expectations: Marianela Mirpuri, the visionary behind the heracity.org project. Marianela’s ambition to establish a model city for a more fulfilled, equitable, healthy, and prosperous humanity, grounded in principles of opportunity and peace, deeply resonated with me.

Her incorporation of socio-economic and environmental values into the heracity.org project was truly inspiring, compelling me to join her cause. Marianela and I developed a close friendship, embarking on journeys together to India and Brazil. Through her, I connected with altruistic entrepreneurs and philanthropists from various backgrounds, discovering the significance of collaborative efforts among men and women with shared missions and values. I learned that building such connections takes time, as it requires shared experiences to truly understand people’s hearts.

It is with immense honor that heracity.org now becomes the flagship social project of FreedomeE.network. Three percent of our revenue will be dedicated to social investments in projects supported by heracity.org worldwide, empowering economically disadvantaged women to realize their fullest potential. At FreedomeE.network, you are not only consuming, promoting, and selling good products and services within a COLLABOCRATIC economy, but you are also building a better world for all involved with amazing projects around the world on behalf of humanity empowered by heracity.org. For more information, please visit www.heracity.org.”

Francesca Giobbi.



“I had the pleasure of meeting Francesca Giobbi back in 2019, before the onset of the pandemic. Right from our initial encounter, I was struck by her sincere determination to contribute to a brighter future for humanity, rooted in unwavering principles of respect for our planet, human rights, and especially women’s rights.

Having established Hera, The Light of Women, at the turn of the millennium, and having worked tirelessly across the globe to raise awareness on human issues and empower women, I immediately recognized the parallels between Francesca’s work and the mission of her platform, Freedomee.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, both Freedomee and Hera remained steadfast in our commitment. We persevered, unwavering in our determination to bring our shared vision to fruition.

At Hera, our focus lies on the creation of Hera City, a beacon of hope for humanity’s future. The Hera: Beacon of Women movement, supported by millions worldwide who share our belief in Hera and Hera City, tirelessly works towards this noble goal. Francesca and Freedomee are integral parts of this endeavor, with their platform offering services and products that contribute to the betterment of humanity.

I am profoundly grateful that Francesca chose Hera to be the philanthropic arm of Freedomee. The success of Freedomee is intertwined with that of Hera, and vice versa. Thank you, Francesca, for your continued dedication. May you pursue your dreams with unwavering determination.

Warm regards,

Marianela Mirpuri Founder and President of Hera“.