The evolution you’ve been missing in your life! For those who dream of a fulfilling, balanced, and rewarding life, combining professional achievements and well-being, the COLLABOCRATIC economy Freedom eE, through, presents an innovative vision of commercial and personal profiles in the digital world. We recognize the importance of enhancing your digital profile to establish online connections with entrepreneurs, producers, industrialists, suppliers, distributors, opinion leaders, sales executives, marketing experts, professionals, investors, consumers, educators, and philanthropists who share common professional responsibilities and social goals. We have developed 8 (eight) COLLABOCRATIC profiles to expand your connection opportunities, locally and globally, with the aim of optimizing the utilization of your business assets and promoting successful ventures. We invite you to fill out the profiles below to diversify your sources of income in the globalized digital market, investing not only in your quality of life but also in the lives of those you love.

Welcome to the COLLABOCRATIC Economy Freedom eE Receiving and offering simultaneous and mutual endorsements on a COLLABOCRATIC platform is a powerful strategy to diversify income sources and strengthen your digital image while contributing to the building of an economy that promotes the progress of all.

Now, let’s explore some benefits for which it’s worth contributing to the progress of all:

  • Diversification of Income Sources: By endorsing and being endorsed by other professionals and businesses, you can expand your customer base and commercial partnerships, potentially resulting in multiple sources of income. For example, if you are a consultant, you can receive endorsements from other professionals and, in return, recommend their services. This creates additional business opportunities.
  • Reduction of Customer Acquisition Costs: COLLABOCRACY allows you to reach a wider audience through endorsements and recommendations from your colleagues, suppliers, and consumers. This can reduce the costs traditionally associated with customer acquisition through paid advertising or conventional marketing.
  • Strengthening Digital Image: Mutual and sincere endorsements from other professionals and businesses can enhance your credibility and digital reputation. This is valuable for building a strong and reliable image in the digital market.
  • Access to New Business Opportunities: Through endorsements and collaborations, you can discover new business opportunities that might not have presented themselves otherwise. For example, a mutual endorsement can lead to a business partnership or a joint project for the development of new products, services, and markets.
  • Learning and Professional Development: COLLABOCRACY encourages the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals. This promotes continuous learning and professional development, which can increase the value you offer in your product or service offerings.
  • Expansion of Your Network: Endorsing and being endorsed by others expands your network, allowing you to connect with a broader range of professionals and potential business partners. This creates a synergy and collective strength that benefits everyone, with diversified and integrated monetary gains resulting from collaboration and commercial cooperation between your own assets and third-party commercial assets in:
  • Direct sales
  • Third-party sales
  • Joint sales
  • Direct endorsements
  • Joint endorsements
  • COLLABOCRATIC communications
  • Direct consumption
  • Joint consumption
  • Direct investments
  • Joint investments

These Collaborations and Cooperations are monetized through 6 Economic Entries:

  • Active Economic Entry: In this entry, you sell products, services, courses, or experiences directly to customers or consumers using two approaches: A. Direct Sales: You subscribe to the services of the platform with monthly fees ranging from 9 euros to 70 euros and commission the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE economy with a 5% commission on your sales. B. Joint Sales: In addition to subscribing to the services of the platform and commissioning the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE economy, you open a commercial window for opinion leaders to promote your product or service digitally, with commissions ranging from 0.5% to 8% on their sales.
  • Passive Economic Entry: This entry involves inviting third parties to endorse your business in the digital environment through while you endorse their businesses. A. Direct Endorsement: Here, you earn digital endorsements from your invited guests and receive commissions of 0.5% to 1% on all their transactions on the platform.
  • Cooperative Economic Entry: In this scenario, you endorse third-party businesses while promoting your own business in COLLABOCRATIC digital content, seeking cooperation between companies. You earn from selling your product and/or service and also from selling products and services of third parties as an opinion leader, with commissions ranging from 0.5% to 8% per sale using your COLLABOCRATIC commercial link.

For those working in Relationship Marketing, this economic entry empowers the management of diverse networks with a variety of products and services from multiple suppliers simultaneously. These cooperative and monetary actions can transform your digital presence, significantly boosting your businesses.

Francesca Giobbi, the founder of the COLLABOCRATIC, dedicated 9 (nine) years to the study and testing of COLLABOCRATIC marketing and sales, providing entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, philanthropists, educators, employees, and consumers the opportunity to benefit from discounts and commissions through simultaneous and mutual endorsements.

The cooperation of 35 brands in COLLABOCRATIC digital marketing campaigns, driven organically and with investments, can result in up to a 51-fold increase in sales and a stronger digital presence.

Furthermore, the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE economy offers other opportunities:

  • Economic Entry for Social Empowerment: Here, you have the opportunity to sponsor social projects related to empowerment and income generation. By opting for this sponsorship, you strengthen your digital presence, expand your business contact network, and may even enjoy tax benefits. In this economic entry, you decide whether you want to make donations or not. If you choose to donate, contributions can range from 0.5% to 3% of your sales commissions and can be directed to existing projects or to develop your own social project.
  • Financing Economic Entry: Provides financing for companies and entrepreneurs in the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE economy, with the opportunity to invest in COLLABOCRATIC entrepreneur projects. This allows you to earn a fixed income and variable income based on sales commissions while using your business assets to boost the opportunities of the products or services you are financing. Fixed financing income to be determined by the financing contract. Variable financing income with commissions ranging from 0.5% to 3% per sale.
  • Token Investment Economic Entry: Involves investing in the expansion of the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE economy by acquiring Free tokens. After 2 (two) years of investment, you start receiving dividends, allowing you to build an “Integrated Retirement in the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE Economy.”

The COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE economy will be introduced in stages so that everyone can learn to commit to their earnings and responsibilities:

  • MVP – delivery in November 2023 (Active, Passive, and Cooperative Economic Entries).
  • 1 – delivery in November 2025 (Active, Passive, Cooperative, Social Empowerment, Financing, and Token Investment Economic Entries on the Freedom eE Blockchain).
  • 2 – delivery in October 2026 (Freedom eE Database).
  • 3 – delivery in October 2029 (COLLABOCRATIC International Trade Forum).

To make the most of the potential of Freedom eE, it is essential to learn how to diversify your income sources and establish lasting business relationships through the 8 (eight) COLLABOCRATIC profiles and your business assets. All your business assets are important, and none overlap with each other. They are connectivity products in the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE economy through the

Your responsibility is to identify and use them all wisely and professionally with social goals in mind. The 8 (eight) forms of COLLABOCRATIC profiles are comprehensive but essential for you to be well-prepared to manage all your business assets simultaneously, using the power of the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE economy and digital marketing. You can choose to answer them all at once or in parts. Organizing them with Malafaia as to how to do it in parts.

If you do not have a registered company, please respond only to the first question in the Company Productivity Profile questionnaire and proceed with the other profiles.

Here is the translation of the provided text from Portuguese to English:


COLLABOCRATIC Profile (Commercial Active)

Company Productivity Profile (Commercial Active)

Professional Productivity Profile (Commercial Active)

Software Engineering Professional: Targeted at engineers, developers, researchers, software and artificial intelligence marketing professionals.

Production Engineering Professional: Aimed at engineers, creators, researchers, marketing professionals in production engineering and industry 4.0.

Product Designer Professional: Targeted at designers, creators, product innovation researchers, as well as sales and marketing professionals.

Human Health Professional: Intended for doctors, nurses, holistic professionals, health product researchers, producers, sales, and marketing professionals for human health products.

Animal Health Professional: Targeted at veterinarians, researchers of animal health products, producers, sales, and marketing professionals for animal health products.

Plant Health Professional: Geared towards agronomic engineers, researchers in plant health and nutritional quality of vegetables, fruits, and vegetables, as well as producers, sales, and marketing professionals for plant health and nutritional value of vegetables, fruits, and vegetables.

Finance Professional: For financial professionals, economists, researchers in trade, finance, and investments, bank owners, economics professors, business administration professors, researchers in stock market financial mechanisms, as well as researchers in the financial backing of banks and funds. It is also focused on stock sellers and specialists in healthy financial solutions for entrepreneurs, employees, and consumers.

Communication and Marketing Professional: Directed at communication and marketing professionals, journalists, owners of marketing, advertising, and communication agencies, communication and marketing professors, researchers in advertising and marketing strategies, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and artificial intelligence applied to marketing and scheduled sales. It is also oriented towards salespeople, event producers, and influencers of marketing products and services.

Tourism Professional: Aimed at owners, employees, and collaborators of travel agencies, as well as those involved in airlines, tour guides, archaeologists, translators, history, geography, geopolitics, and culture teachers and researchers. It is also directed at producers of experiential tourism events, sales, marketing professionals, and influencers in the tourism sector.

Entertainment Professional: Targeted at owners of film production companies, soap operas, television programs, along with their collaborators and employees. It is also oriented towards actors, musicians, artists, salespeople, influencers, and marketing professionals in the healthy entertainment sector.

Architecture, Urbanization, Landscaping, and/or Art History Professional: Intended for architects, urban planners, landscapers, and historians, as well as sales and marketing professionals in the field of architecture, aiming to improve the quality of life through resource optimization and socio-economic-environmental responsibility.

Legal Professional: Targeted at lawyers in all areas of law, with the goal of creating laws and advocating on behalf of suppliers of products, services, courses, and experiences, focusing on the six dimensions that support healthy productivity: physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and commercial health.

Accounting Professional: Geared towards accountants in all areas of accounting, focusing on the accounting approach to suppliers of products, services, courses, and experiences, with an emphasis on the six dimensions that support healthy productivity: physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and commercial health.

Beauty Professional: Intended for beauty professionals, including industry professionals, aiming to promote health while selling and communicating products, services, courses, and experiences for Functional Beauty, Preventive Beauty, and Anti-aging Beauty. It is also directed towards chemical combination researchers.

Gastronomy Professionals: Directed at chefs, cooks, kitchen helpers, nutritionists, marketing professionals, industrial and food producers, focusing on nutrition, food functionality, well-being, and quality of life while developing products, services, courses, and experiences in the gastronomy field. It is also aimed at researchers and opinion leaders interested in food chemistry related to DNA and the region in which people live.

Hospitality Professional: Intended for hotel owners, employees, and staff, with the goal of creating and selling products, services, and experiences related to the six dimensions that support healthy productivity: physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and commercial health.

Fashion Professional: Targeted at industry professionals, producers, creators, stylists, seamstresses, salespeople, marketing professionals, distributors, and all professionals in the fashion industry seeking functionality, protection, and health with professional responsibility and social goals while developing, producing, distributing, and marketing products, services, courses, and experiences in the fashion industry. It is also directed at those who bring new solutions for raw materials, extractions, and functionalities.

Logistics Professional: Aimed at all professionals in the logistics field seeking quality services with professional responsibility and social goals. It is also directed at those who research and provide new forms of deliveries with humanized artificial intelligence.

Industry Professional: Targeted at all industry owners, producers, collaborators, and employees, with the goal of seeking quality and professional responsibility with social goals while developing and producing products that promote balance in the six dimensions that support productivity in a healthy environment: physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and commercial health. It also serves researchers in the humanization of industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence.

Information Area Professional (Opinion Formers): Aimed at researchers, journalists, and curious individuals seeking to validate their research sources while balancing decision-making in the six dimensions that support the entrepreneur-consumer’s healthy productivity: mental health – research, study, and products to gain awareness of all areas that structure productive beings; physical health – research, study, and products to gain awareness of how to take care of the body for longevity and quality of life; emotional health – research, study, and products to gain awareness of how to take care of emotions to deal with challenges; social health – research, study, and products to gain awareness of how laws and public interaction modes should be restructured. The productive middle class and consciousness should create opportunities for communities in need, allowing them to develop and transform into productive, self-sufficient communities through training and income generation projects, where the middle class that trained them will benefit from this training in an ecosystem of opportunities based on meritocracy for all.

Financial Health – research, study, and products to implement COLLABOCRATIC economics that unite 6 diversified economic inputs through meritocracy of commercial actions in Cross-connection, Cross-marketing, Cross-sales, Cross-consumption, Cross-training, Cross-financing, and Cross-investments for entrepreneurs who seek financial freedom, quality of life, and a sense of purpose, with interconnected remuneration between active, passive, cooperative, social, financing, and investment incomes.

Commercial Health – research, study, and products to structure the digitalized market of opportunities where AI and industry 4.0 work for the productive individual and the consuming individual (Humanization of Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0).

Investment Area Professional: Intended for all investors and investment consultants who invest in products, services, courses, experiences, or stocks in the stock market and other forms of investment like tokens, NFTs, and others. It prioritizes not only professional aspects but also the social aspects of the companies in which they are investing, with a focus on promoting sustainable investments and positive purposes for the society in which they are involved and the societies impacted by the investments.

Commercial Area Professional: Geared towards all professionals in the commercial field, such as independent salespeople, employed salespeople, commercial directors, digital influencers, and opinion leaders, who seek to communicate and sell products, services, courses, and experiences in support of the six dimensions that sustain entrepreneurship and healthy productivity: physical, mental, emotional, social, commercial, and financial health, with professional and social goals.

Company Consumption Profile (Commercial Active)Personal Consumption Profile (Commercial Active)Awareness and Sources of Information Profile (Commercial Active)Responsibilities for Professional Connections (Connection)

  • Economic
  • Human
  • Anthropogenic
  • Technological
  • Quality
  • Information Social Goals (Connection)
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Social Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Financial Health
  • Commercial Health

Structured commercial assets in:

  • Business Assets:
    • Products
    • Services
    • Courses
    • Experiences
  • Personal Assets:
    • Know-how
    • Personal Consumption
    • Personal Contacts
  • Professional Assets:
    • Know-how
    • Professional Consumption
    • Professional Contacts

The form was created to expand your opportunities, benefits, and earnings. I am excited to expand my network of contacts and share my life mission with you, connecting our commercial assets. To do so, please answer the questions below with transparency. Your answers are confidential and will be used to digitally connect you through algorithms of responsibilities and professional connections, according to your social goals. Upon completing these profiles, you will sign a user agreement with that embraces the benefits and responsibilities of COLLABOCRATIZATION through our platform.



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