These economic income streams reward cooperative business endeavors among entrepreneurs, consumers, investors,

and philanthropic supporters across diverse economic sectors.

They offer a range of digitally integrated economic opportunities within active, passive, cooperative, social, financing,

and investment activities.

All economic contributions in the COLLABORATIVE Freedom eE economy are derived from merit-based sales, supported by digitally endorsed transactions, concurrently advancing sustainable objectives for professional and social relationships.

COLLABOCRATIVE / COLLABORATIC/ COLLABORACY represent meritocratic cooperative business actions for each financial transaction conducted within the

1.ACTIVE ECONOMIC INCOME: Sell your product, service, course, or experience.

2.PASSIVE ECONOMIC INCOME: Invite companies, entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, clients, suppliers, employees, collaborators, and investors to endorse your business in the digital market and enhance your digital reputation, while you endorse and enhance their digital reputation.

The digital market relies on trust. The Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC Economy provides these endorsements through commissions paid to the FreedomeE technology and its endorsement collaborators when a sale is made.

3.COOPERATIVE ECONOMIC INCOME: Endorse third-party businesses while promoting your own business in COLLABOCRATIC digital content, with mutual and simultaneous endorsements.

Reduce your marketing and sales costs through COLLABOCRATIC digital content with sharing digital marketing expenses among all the mentioned brands.

Build your credibility in the digital space with authentic endorsements. Expand and diversify your income sources by selling your product while endorsing third-party products in COLLABOCRATIC digital content that promotes your product while also promoting third-party products.

4. SOCIAL TRAINING ECONOMIC INCOME: Invest in social projects aimed at empowering people in communities seeking self-sufficiency.

Here, your company and all its commercial assets have the opportunity to contribute to build a society based on real opportunities.

In this space, you gain recognition as a social entrepreneur and in public policies, which can result in benefits such as tax reduction, attracting investors, and increasing consumer attraction.

Your investment is made through sales commissions directed towards social projects aligned with your company’s vision.

5.FINANCIAL ECONOMIC INCOME: The intelligent line of credit for COLLABOCRATIC companies and entrepreneurs with professional responsibilities, positive connections, and social objectives. The Freedom eE Fund has been created to make your funds support projects that align with your professional duties and social goals, allowing your money to flourish.

6.INVESTMENT IN TOKEN ECONOMY: Participate in the growth of the Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC economy by acquiring Free tokens.

As a sponsor of the scale, your investment supports the expansion of this innovative technology.

After two years, you’ll start receiving dividends, enabling you to establish your ‘Integrated Retirement in the COLLABOCRATIC Freedom eE Economy’.”