UGC CREATOR COLLABOCRATIC: Your Smart Gateway to the UGC Universe

A COLLABOCRATIC User-Generated Content (UGC) Creator in the FreedomeE economy is a true force of change, acting as a beacon of empowerment in the realm of wellness and ethical commerce. They go beyond merely crafting content – they share authentic experiences about products, services, events, and courses that seamlessly integrate into their daily lives. Harnessing their influence and consumption power across professional, social, personal, and investment spheres, they offer invaluable insights and amplified tips to those who trust and respect their opinions.

COLLABOCRATIC digital content is curated by a UGC Creator with professional, social, personal, and investment objectives, aiming to foster transparent and healthy exchanges between consumers and providers of wellness products and services. Taking a holistic approach that encompasses the six dimensions of well-being – commercial, financial, social, emotional, mental, and physical health – these creators strive to minimize customer acquisition costs for entrepreneurs with genuine intentions, ensuring the best quality and price for their consumer followers.

Francesca and her team of gamechangers are on the lookout for UGC creators ready to catalyze positive changes in the lives of others. Recognizing the significant impact they wield in shaping public perceptions and behaviors related to health, wellness, economy, and society, these creators embrace a set of responsibilities:

  • Accuracy and Credibility: They commit to providing accurate and credible information, combatting misinformation and pseudoscience.
  • Empowerment: They empower their audience with practical knowledge and resources that enhance well-being across various aspects of life.
  • Ethical Considerations: They operate with integrity, respecting privacy, and promoting inclusivity and diversity.
  • Critical Thinking: They stimulate critical thinking skills, encouraging independent knowledge-seeking.
  • Responsibility: They prioritize audience safety and well-being, endorsing only products and services aligned with their lifestyle.
  • Promotion of Balanced Approaches: They advocate for balanced practices backed by scientific evidence.
  • Transparency: They maintain transparency about conflicts of interest, ensuring trustworthiness with their audience.
  • Engagement and Interaction: They foster open dialogue, welcoming feedback and constructive criticism to improve content and community connection continually.

In the Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC economy, these creators are essential components of a connected network. By promoting responsible and ethical commerce, they drive positive changes not only in their own lives but also in the lives of others worldwide. They are the architects of a healthier and more sustainable future for all. Discover how you can become a game changer through the COLLABOCRATIC UGC solution in the COLLABOCRATIC FreedomeE economy.


Being a COLLABOCRATIC UGC Creator on the provides the opportunity to foster lasting and dynamic business relationships, scale sales, diversify economic streams, and efficiently manage your time. Some benefits include:

  • Formalize or expand business connections with suppliers aligned with your lifestyle, through professional and social goals structured by the COLLABOCRATIC profile questionnaire on FreedomeE.
  • Develop your digital product on the FreedomeE marketplace by marketing on-demand digital content, becoming a Vendor of COLLABOCRATIC digital content for groups of entrepreneurs and professionals who promote their products and services through cross-marketing and cross-sales.
  • Participate in mentorship programs with cross-marketing and cross-sales marketing experts to boost your role as a COLLABOCRATIC UGC Creator.
  • Promote the sale of your digital products through groups using our exclusive Marketing Agenda software on the FreedomeE Productivity Exchange, structured in your back office.

How to Expand Your Opportunities in the COLLABOCRATIC FreedomeE Economy?

In the COLLABOCRATIC FreedomeE economy, besides being a COLLABOCRATIC UGC Creator, you can also diversify your economic streams and bargaining power in the digital market by becoming:

  • An Ethical Brand Ambassador: Earn commissions of 0.5% to 1% on sales of entrepreneurs, services, or products you invite to communicate with you in the digital market through the platform.
  • A Responsible Opinion Leader: Obtain commissions of 0.5% to 8% on sales of products, services, courses, and experiences in your store on the marketplace.
  • A Cousiouness Influencer: Receive commissions of 0.5% to 1% on sales of all products, services, courses, and experiences that you refer through COLLABOCRATIC commercial links. 

To effectively expand these opportunities in the digital environment, we invite you to explore the benefits of the Agenda Software, including creating groups, marketing and sales campaigns, task management, requesting quotes, and organizing payment and receipt sharing among marketing service providers and entrepreneurs who are acquiring these services.

How to Become a COLLABOCRATIC UGC Creator at FreedomeE?

The process is simple! Follow these steps:

  • Register on the platform.
  • Fill out the COLLABOCRATIC UGC Creator application form and submit your media kit.
  • Create your profile: Complete it with information about yourself, interests, and skills, answering the COLLABOCRATIC profile questionnaire to connect with entrepreneurs who share your professional and social values.
  • Connect with brands and entrepreneurs locally and internationally: Discover companies aligned with your niche and submit your portfolio.
  • Start creating impactful digital content! Receive briefings from brands and develop authentic and high-quality content.
FreedomeE is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for your success as a COLLABOCRATIC UGC Creator:
  1. Tutorials and Guides: Access valuable resources to learn the essentials of crafting top-notch content.
  2. Community of Creators: Connect with a vibrant community of skilled UGC Creators, where you can exchange insights and glean inspiration from their journeys.
  3. Personalized Support: Receive tailored assistance from our team at every step of your creative process through specialized mentorship and guidance.

Join the FreedomeE Community today and embark on a journey to become a Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC UGC Creator, where your voice can spark real change and make a lasting impact. Share examples of your authentic content above along with a heartfelt message about why you’re passionate about changing the world. Become an essential part of the COLLABOCRATIC Marketing and Industry 5.0 Generation, where we prioritize humanizing Artificial Intelligence and Automated Commerce to foster health and wealth for conscientious individuals across the globe. 

Join us in shaping the future of ethical and empowering content creation. Together, let’s make a difference.