“Free yourself from constraints and embrace the truth! Our professional, personal, and social lives are shaped by what we consume. FreedomeE.network is dedicated to helping you transform your consumption habits into successful distribution channels and powerful negotiation tools for your daily needs as an entrepreneur and/or consumer. This empowers you to craft the life and world you desire while navigating your daily consumption choices.”

Francesca Giobbi – Freedom eE Network Founder

FreedomE.network is a vibrant hub of Collabocratic business and promotions, driven by the invigorating philosophy of collaboration and commercial cooperation. Here, genuine recommendations are valued and rewarded through a meritocratic system.

Join us on this exciting journey of discovery, comparison, consultation, evolution, and prosperity at FreedomE.network. Invest in visionary entrepreneurs and skilled professionals offering a diverse range of products, services, solutions, courses, events, and experiences. Be part of building a healthy, free market brimming with opportunities for dynamic and responsible professionals, entrepreneurs, and consumers.

Explore the power of your daily influence in professional, social, and personal spheres to shape a locally connected, globally happier commerce.

By doing so, you play a crucial role in the path toward an enhanced quality of life for humanity. Join us at FreedomE.network, where joyful connections and opportunities flourish with every collaboration!



Freedom eE introduces a groundbreaking perspective to the entrepreneurial, investment, philanthropic, consumer, and human experience.

Inovative Distribution

Harness your professional, social, personal, and investment consumption to cultivate potent distribution networks via authentic and simultaneous endorsements within global communities united by mutual professional, social, personal, and investment objectives.


COLLABOCRACY is a philosophy that promotes ethical, free, and healthy commerce, where actions in marketing, sales, philanthropy, financing, consumption, and investments are interconnected by individuals working towards the development of each individual, company, community, city, and country. These actions are rewarded through a meritocracy based on interconnected commercial activities, generating active, passive, cooperative, social, financing, and investment revenues.

The Advantages of Becoming a Freedom eE User

Unlock your market potential, minimize marketing and sales costs, unearth fresh economic opportunities, forge strong partnerships, earn genuine endorsements, embrace continuous learning, and cultivate a beneficial socio-economic-environmental influence through your daily productivity and consumption.


Do you know the difference between linear economy and COLLABOCRATIC economy?


“Freedom eE – Elevating Excellence in Free, Healthy, and Responsible Commerce through the Wellness Market.

Welcome to FreedomeE.network! I’m Francesca Giobbi. As a seasoned entrepreneur navigating between Helsinki, hybrid meetings, and airplanes, I’m propelled by a profound life purpose: to cultivate a digital realm that fosters ethical, healthy, and liberated commerce, driven by both professional and social aspirations among individuals of goodwill. My aim is to achieve this by harnessing the collective influence of my professional, social, and personal consumption decisions, and intertwining them with the consumption choices of like-minded individuals who share a common vision of building a more prosperous world economy.

In our quest for excellence, my mission is to unite entrepreneurs, thought leaders, investors, and consumers with a dedicated focus on well-being and positive intentions. Whether they are involved in commercializing products, services, courses, experiences, or events, my aim is to impact global commerce positively through the wellness market. FreedomeE.network is my call for assistance in delivering this life mission. The Wellness market is currently a $5.5 trillion industry, with an average annual growth of 10% since 2019. This expansive market includes various sectors such as food, supplements, beauty, sports, education, experiences, entertainment, tourism, real estate, longevity, health plans, retirement, and public health.

Have you ever pondered whether diseases, conflicts, bankruptcies, miseries, and wars occur by mere chance? Are these issues the collective responsibility of humanity, or are they the consequence of a few steering their businesses to sow discord and predatory competition on a global scale, seeking more power in an increasingly digitized commerce?

Where are the individuals driven by good intentions? I need them. I need you.

Pause for a moment. I am a person of goodwill, and I have confidence that you, who is reading this text right now, is also a good person – with the inherent DNA and talents to illuminate the world through ethical and intelligent commerce. I am Francesca, a 50-year-old entrepreneur, married, with three adult children, and with a life goal: to create a digital space that facilitates the construction of a healthier, more responsible, and freer commerce in the era of Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence. I believe in local development through entrepreneurship and consumption connected with global information and solutions. After all, we are one, and we can utilize the digital world to construct a better economy for everyday productivity of 7.9 billion people from 195 countries.

Since the age of 18, I have been involved in the world of international trade and production, contributing to respected brands such as Prada, Gucci, Armani, Versace, Donna Karan, Jil Sander, Francesca Giobbi’s Shoes, and others, obtaining international validation for “Made in Italy,” “Made in China,” “Made in Brazil,” and “Made in India.” My life journey includes extensive research on free, responsible, and healthy commerce in 64 countries, interacting with more than 8,600 entrepreneurs, navigating intense professional, social, and personal life experiences.

Since 2014, I have been developing a commercial methodology to empower individuals with good intentions to thrive and contribute to the construction of a healthy, responsible, and free international commerce for productive people of goodwill. Many considered me eccentric, but I realized that true madness lies in well-intentioned individuals competing against each other, sharing synergies on their professional and social goals, while those with malicious intentions form alliances, aspiring to diseases, bankruptcies, miseries, and wars to gain more power in the globalized market.

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes fulfilled individuals with a quality life who choose to live in?

After interviewing entrepreneurs worldwide in sectors such as beauty, fashion, food, wellness, tourism, commerce, and investment, I unraveled the code: success with happiness lies in the harmonious blend of six key areas that enhance the quality of life within the context of free commerce with self-responsibility. Imagine this – fulfilled individuals are not just living; they are negotiating daily consumption and productivity with colleagues, local and international consumers, and even family members. All of this is achieved through their daily actions, aligned with their life purposes and daily professional and social goals.

Now, step into the innovative world of the COLLABOCRATIC era with Freedom eE.network, which invests in connecting kind-hearted people so that they can thrive in a healthy, responsible, and free commerce while building the world they wish to live in.

At FreedomeE.network, we’ve seamlessly integrated marketing and sales software solutions with an exclusive productivity exchange, designed to foster the digitalization of ethical trade between entrepreneurs and conscientious consumers. This innovative approach begins by harmonizing the six key pillars of health essential for fostering free, healthy, and responsible commerce: commercial, financial, social, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Within FreedomeE.network, we bring together a diverse array of products, services, courses, experiences, and events across these vital health domains. Our platform facilitates various forms of transactions, including direct sales, intermediary sales, shared sales, cooperative communication, direct endorsements, joint endorsements, personal consumption, shared consumption, direct investments, and joint investments. Through our digital commercial hub, which includes features such as a Professional and Social Goals Questionnaire, a Marketplace for promoting and selling products, services, and experiences, a Course Platform for better education, and a Streaming Platform for global collaboration, we empower productive individuals to connect and create positive outcomes.

One of our cornerstone offerings is the Wellness Commercial Guide Software, aptly named “Around You.” This software facilitates B2B2C trades, allowing entrepreneurs and consumers to conduct business with validated, good-hearted individuals both locally and internationally. Additionally, our suite of tools includes a Marketing Agenda Software to manage the development of COLLABOCRATIC digital content, events, and businesses, as well as a Back Office Software, referred to as the Productivity Exchange. This platform streamlines cross-connections, cross-marketing, cross-sales, cross-consumption, cross-giving back, cross-capacitating, cross-financing, and cross-investments.

Our overarching aim is to establish an international commerce environment for the greater good, starting with the wellness market curated by individuals driven by goodwill. This approach is revolutionary because, alongside self-responsible entrepreneurs and consumers, we can engage in ethical and free trade across the six dimensions of health, 24/7—even while we sleep.

Join us, and together, let’s redefine the quality of life and responsible, healthy, free commerce! In the Freedom eE Network, every moment is an opportunity to thrive, whether you are awake or asleep. – Francesca Giobbi.”