The declaration from Francesca Giobbi, Founder of Freedom eE, reflects the united voice of more than 8,900 entrepreneurs across 64 countries.

Step into the business-generating ecosystem of Freedom eE, embracing a cooperative economy of financial, commercial and social incentives, where your daily consumption seamlessly becomes distribution channels.

Our goal is to maximize the talents of entrepreneurs and impact investors in the globalised market.

Currently, we are dealing with the burden of paying high prices for products and services that not only leave much to be desired in terms of quality but also contribute to accumulating debt, unfair competition, lack of working capital, stress, bankruptcies, and waste in the entrepreneurial world. In the global scenario, large corporations dictate prices, making consumers bear 76% of the total cost in mass marketing strategies. However, what we often receive in return is far from worth the remaining 24% of the value we are paying. This is because this fraction includes profit margins, waste, unfair business practices, and taxes, meaning that we are spending much more than we should on low-quality products and services with negative socio-economic and environmental impacts.

To tackle this challenge, Francesca Giobbi developed a COLLABOCRATIC system of social, commercial, financial,and personal incentives called Freedom eE.



Innovative Economy

Freedom eE commercial, financial, social and personal economy of incentives allows entrepreneurs, suppliers, consumers, opinion leaders, influencers, professionals and impact investors to use their professional, social, personal and financial consumption to negotiate quality products and services and create opportunities for good business for all who come together with a common purpose.

Francesca arrived at this model after marketing fashion in 64 countries, interviewing over 8900 entrepreneurs and testing her COLLABOCRATIC business philosophy in London, Lisbon and São Paulo.


This system brings together solutions for co-production, co-logistics, co-education, co-networking, co-marketing, co-sales, co-consumption and co-investments for impact communities to market products and services that offer consumers 76% quality and 24% positive socio-economic and environmental impact.

All of this is possible through the individual organization of the entrepreneur’s professional, social, personal, and financial consumption in the COLLABOCRATIC business hub Freedom eE.

COLLABOCRACY embodies collaborative efforts through cooperative commercial actions with merit-based payments.

Responsible Objectives

To unite entrepreneurs in the COLLABOCRATIC system Freedom eE, Francesca Giobbi, along with impact investors, the World Impacteurs, developed a continuous 9-month COLLABOCRATIC sales campaign between Dubai, London, and Marbella, as well as on social networks, with streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram worldwide. This includes weekly co-sales meetings, distribution of 580 mini impact content videos every three months, driven by the strength of interconnected communities for the 18 Responsible Entrepreneurial Development Objectives of Freedom eE, and paid digital advertising in 17 countries.

In this global PHYGITAL (Physical + Digital) COLLABOCRATIC sales campaign, everyone shares costs and simultaneously benefits from each other. The sector we are working in is healthy entrepreneurship structured in the markets of well-being, health, beauty, fashion, gastronomy, agriculture, industry, tourism, education, entertainment, real estate, IT, marketing, and investments.


Our objective is to unite World IMPACTEURS (ethical and visionary individuals from around the world) to transition from the pyramid economy to the COLLABOCRATIC economy.

The Path To A Healthier PHYGITAL-Commerce

Do you know the difference between the Pyramid-model economy and COLLABOCRATIC-model economy?

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FreedomeE.Network – Pioneering free, ethical, healthy and dynamic commerce for entrepreneurs and consumers around the world through the wellness, food, beauty, fashion, tourism, logistics, IT and entertainment markets

Welcome aboard to FreedomeE.network! It is truly exhilarating to embark on this journey with you, multiplying ethical and thriving business opportunities together. My name is Francesca Giobbi, the Founder of Freedom eE’s COLLABOCRATIC Responsible Economy. With my comprehensive background in the international fashion trade, collaborating with renowned brands like Prada, Gucci, Armani, Versace and others, I have gained invaluable expertise in adding value to products from Italy, China, Brazil and many other countries around the globe.

Having spent 32 years immersed in the international trade scene, I have witnessed it all. It is evident that ethical entrepreneurs worldwide must unite to flourish in today’s globalised market.

Our platform, FreedomeE.network, is far more than just another website. It is a dynamic virtual hub pulsating with energy, bringing together ethical and sustainable businesses in the booming wellness, food, beauty, fashion, tourism, logistics, IT and entertainment markets. Valued at an astounding $5.5 trillion and increasingly championed by women, these markets offer limitless opportunities for collaboration between suppliers of commercial, financial, mental, emotional, social and physical health services and goods. You can picture it as a Swiss army knife, seamlessly integrating listing software, marketplace functionalities, business management tools and learning resources, all aimed at addressing the Unique and Innovative 18 Responsible Objectives.

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of building an international network of entrepreneurs who are deeply committed to thriving in business while living their best lives. However, recent years have presented some significant challenges with the pandemic and global economic turbulence. And it is not just the entrepreneurs who have been feeling the heat but almost  8 billion consumers around the globe.

With over 583 million entrepreneurs worldwide and a staggering 75% of them suffering from uncertanty, stress and anxiety, there is  an urgent need for a holistic solution that covers management, sales, IT, finances and well-being. Just imagine the impact on their employees and families—583 million stressed-out entrepreneurs are feeling the pressure!

Enter Freedom eE’s COLLABOCRATIC Responsible Economy! We have meticulously created this platform to be a game-changer, drawing insights from interviews with over 8,800 entrepreneurs in 64 countries and testing out our cutting-edge commercial and financial economy in London, Lisbon and São Paulo.

We have been connecting impact synergies around the world! Our latest innovation is Inagural Networking Gathering for series of  COLLABOCRATIC PHYGITAL Global Fusion Networking, Marketing, Sales and Financial Campaigns and Events, from Dubai, UAE,  reaching out to the rest of the world this May 12.

To achieve our ambitious goals, we are on the lookout for companies led by Authentic Ethical Entrepreneurs with a trailblazer action of change, that have a product or service or are developing a product or service to serve and enhance the lives of  583 million stressed-out entrepreneurs around the globe.  

The word-of-mouth endorsement and transparent communication are  the key in determining their ethical standing.

Our commission-based model ensures that every entrepreneur and enterprising professional find our offerings not just compelling but wholly irresistible!

With the Dubai event just around the corner and our extensive network spanning 64 countries, there is going to be a massive demand for marketing, sales and administrative teams.

If you have a company offering solutions for commercial health, financial health, emotional health, mental health, social health or physical health, please go to the Freedom eE’s Unique and Innovative 18 Responsible Development  Objectives  and take this life changing opportunity to cooperate with us.

Freedom eE is my life purpose! I will be honoured to co-create free and responsible global market with you.

I am confident that you will love what we are doing with COLLABOCRATIC Responsible Businesses. It is all about ethical entrepreneurship.  We are co-creating an environment where everyone benefits.

This visionary energy of kindness in the entrepreneurial ecosystem promises to elevate the quality of life for us all.

Warm regards,

Francesca Giobbi 


Hello, I’m Francesca Giobbi. I created the Freedom eE commercial, financial and social incentive economy after meeting the needs of entrepreneurs from 64 countries in the PHYGITAL (physical + digital) markets of the Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 era.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, consumers and investors use their professional, social, personal and financial consumer power to do ETHICAL business and diversify their financial income.

Discover our 18 Responsible Entrepreneur Development Objectives, and our local and international COLLABORATIC Networking with PURPOSES, Marketing, Sales and IMPACT Funding Campaigns, so you can prosper with people who think like you.