FreedomeE network was designed for you to unleash your e-commerce potential. It represents the evolution of a thriving life.

Francesca Giobbi – Freedom eE founder


Are you dreaming of a fulfilling, balanced life that combines professional success

and well-being?

The time has come to turn that dream into reality.

The evolution starts with you. Welcome to Freedom eE!



Freedom eE brings a revolutionary vision to the journey as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, consumer, and human being.”

Integrated commerce

Our proposal is to integrate all 6 healths that support sustainable entrepreneurship through COLLABOCRATIC economy.”


COLLABOCRATIC stands for cooperative and meritocratic commercial actions for every financial transaction carried out within the Freedom eE network


More sales, lower costs, new markets, new economic opportunities, strong partnerships, continuous learning, and positive social impact.


Do you know the difference between linear economy, circular economy and COLLABOCRATIC economy?


“The secret to the success of productive and prosperous individuals I’ve interviewed in 63 countries lies in integrating the six areas that sustain their lives while engaging in consumption and productivity negotiations with entrepreneurs, suppliers, professionals, employees, homemakers, spouses, retirees, and family members through their daily actions.

The Freedom eE COLLABOCRATIC economy has digitized this success in the integration of direct sales, intermediary sales, shared sales, cooperative communication, direct endorsements, joint endorsements, personal consumption, shared consumption, direct investments, and joint investments, as living in a predatory society means negotiating even while asleep.” – Francesca Giobbi


Hera’s mission is to connect women around the world and make women responsible for women. The Freedom eE digital platform is one of the tools Hera uses for this purpose.

Marianela Mirpuri

“COLLABOCRATIZE” for a fairer market. Where small and medium sized entrepreneurs work with the same opportunities as the big corps. Where everyone helps each other and earn!

Nádia Campeotto

Functional Chef

Polycord filmworks at Freedom eE is collaborative financial independence.

Kiko Alves

CEO, Polycord Filmworks

I have adopted the innovative marketing solution “Freedom eE COLLABOCRACY”, because it represents the humanitarian values ​that the modern society had lost. Essential values ​​of peace and equality. Freedom eE COLLABOCRACY brings the real awareness of living in communities. We need COLLABOCRACY to evolve as a society.

Luzimeire Costa

Personal Trainer


Construct a healthier eE-commerce internationally with COLLABOCRATICS contents